The University of Tokyo Global COE Integrative Life Science Based on the Study of Biosignaling Mechanisms

Our Mission

In the present Global COE Program, we will pursue “integrative life science” with the key word of “biosignaling”.The three participating institutions, namely, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Science, and Institute of Molecular and Cellular Bioscience (IMCB), constitute the “warp” of the program, while the “weft” threads are the four hub themes that we have raised: “Development of life”, “Functional control of life”, “Relay of generations” and “Abnormalities of living systems”. The matrix structure of the weft and warp composed of 28 members of scientists forms the backbone of our cooperative organization, which should develop a new interdisciplinary field of study and new innovative methods.At the same time, we will make every effort to support scientifically ansd financially the graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and help their carrier development to become international leaders of the next generation.


The 5th global COE retreat was held at Yatsugatake Royal Hotel, Hokuto, Yamanashi on March 3rd to 4th.



Joint Symposium

The present Global COE Programs together with Kyoto University held a joint symposium on January 20–21, 2012.