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Systems Biology of Neural Circuits and Behaviors

Toyoshima Laboratory

Our research is aiming to the system level understanding of the neural information processing between environmental ques and animal behaviors by using whole-brain imaging and mathematical modeling.

Whole-brain imaging by 4D microscope
Simultaneous measurements of neural activity and behaviors
Mathematical modeling and simulations

What’s New

2024/03/16: Our paper entitled “Ensemble dynamics and information flow deduction from whole-brain imaging data” has been published in PLOS Computational Biology.

2024/01/22: Our paper entitled “Neuronal sensorimotor integration guiding salt concentration navigation in Caenorhabditis elegans” has been published in PNAS.

2023/06/16: Our paper entitled “WormTensor: a clustering method for time-series whole-brain activity data from C. elegans” has been published in BMC Bioinformatics.

2023/04/01: Our research proposal was accepted as a KAKENHI Grant.

2022/10/14: Our paper entitled “Different modes of stimuli delivery elicit changes in glutamate driven, experience-dependent interneuron response in C. elegans has been published in Neuroscience Research.

2022/10/01: Research proposal by Mikami team (Toyoshima joined as a collaborator) was accepted as a project in CREST “Bio-DX“.

2022/06/30: Our student Kuze (M2) and Tazawa (B4) presented their research results at Neuro2022@Okinawa.

2022/06/24: Our student Matsumoto-san (D2) presented her research results at CeNeuro2022@Vienna.

2022/04/01: Our research proposal was accepted as a publicly offered research in “Information physics of living matters“.

2022/01/16: Interview with Associate Professor Toyoshima appeared on the University of Tokyo Newspaper website (in Japanese).

2021/11/18: Associate Professor Toyoshima was selected as The University of Tokyo Excellent Young Researcher 2021 (in Japanese).

2021/10/18: Our paper entitled “Probabilistic generative modeling and reinforcement learning extract the intrinsic features of animal behavior” has been published in Neural networks.

2021/08/01: Our lab website is now open!