Research Highlights


Cap-specific terminal N6-methylation of RNA by an RNA polymerase II-associated methyltransferase

School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
School of Science, The University of Tokyo
University of Toyama

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/11/23
Science. 2018 Nov 22. pii: eaav0080.


Plasma membrane calcium pump mediates chemotaxis of ascidian sperm

Manabu Yoshida
Kaoru Yoshida
Kogiku Shiba
Kazuo Inaba

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/11/09
Scientific Reports. volume 8, Article number: 16622 (2018)


Elucidation of “cutoff paradox” that long-chain alcohols lose their biological activities

Atsushi Matsumoto
Yukifumi Uesono

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/10/29
Mol Pharmacol. 2018 Dec;94(6):1312-1320.


Discovery of enzyme for establishing two cotyledons of eudicots

Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems
National Institute for Basic Biology
The University of Tokyo

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/09/13
Development. 2018 Sep 12;145(17).


A subway map for diabetes: Insulin tracked through cell using new method combining database, experimental results

Kentaro Kawata
Atsushi Hatano
Katsuyuki Yugi
Shinya Kuroda

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/09/11
iScience. Available online 10 September 2018.


Intelligent Image-Activated Cell Sorter

Keisuke Goda
Nao Nitta
Sotaro Uemura
Yutaka Yatomi

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/08/28
Cell. Published:August 27, 2018


Temporal patterns of insulin selectively regulate multiple cellular in the rat liver

Shinya Kuroda
(Research led by Japan Science and Technology Agency)

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/06/28
Cell Systems. 2018 Jun 27.


LGP2 virus sensor regulates gene expression network mediated by TRBP-bound microRNAs.

Tomoko Takahashi
Kumiko Ui-Tei and others

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/06/25
Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Jun 25.


Structural analysis of zebrafish flagella reveals distinct roles of all PIH family proteins in axonemal dynein assembly

Hiroyuki Takeda and others
(Research led by Japan Science and Technology Agency)

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/06/19
Elife. 2018 May 9;7. pii: e36979.


SINC-seq: correlation of transient gene expressions between nucleus and cytoplasm reflects single-cell physiology

Sotaro Uemura and others
(Research led by RIKEN)

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/06/06
Genome Biol. 2018 Jun 6;19(1):66.


Aphid pheromone gland: Oviparous female-specific development and sex-pheromone synthesis.

Toru Miura

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/05/11
Zoological Letters 2018 4:9


Identification of a key gene that regulates early leaf development in rice

Yukiko Yasui
Hiro-Yuki Hirano

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/04/26
PLoS Genet. 2018 Apr 23;14(4)


Movements in CRISPR-Cas9, a genome-editing tool, during the DNA cleavage process

Saki Osuka
Kazushi Isomura
Shohei Kajimoto
Tomotaka Komori
Hiroshi Nishimasu
Tomohiro Shima
Osamu Nureki
Sotaro Uemura

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/04/17
EMBO J. 2018 Apr 12.


Tempuractis rinkai gen. et. sp. nov. collected from the rocky seashore at Misaki -The first evidence of obligate symbiosis between sea anemones and sponges-

Takato Izumi
Yuji Ise
Rei Ueshima

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/04/09
Zoolog Sci. 2018 Apr;35(2):188-198


Newly discovered plant peptide regulates dehydration stress resistance -New development revealing dehydration stress responses in plants-

Fuminori Takahashi
Takehiro Suzuki
Yuriko Osakabe
Shigeyuki Betsuyaku
Yuki Kondo
Naoshi Dohmae
Hiroo Fukuda
Kazuko Yamaguchi-Shinozaki
Kazuo Shinozaki

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/04/05
Nature 556, 235–238 (2018)


Three genes essential for cells to tell time

Kiyomichi Imamura
Hikari Yoshitane
Yoshitaka Fukada

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/03/20
PNAS 2017 (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1719298115)


A new species of basket star (Ophiuroidea) from Japan, for the first time in 106 years.

Masanori Okanishi

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/03/09
Zootaxa. Vol 4392, No 2


A small blueprint of “Adam” – Next-generation genome sequencings resolve highly reduced sex chromosomal region “OSU” in initial transition to male

Takashi Hamaji
Hiroko Kawai-Toyooka
Atsushi Toyoda
Hisayoshi Nozaki

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/03/08
Communications Biology. volume 1, Article number: 17 (2018)


Discovery of peptidergic neurons that show juvenile-specific burst firing

Chie Umatani
Yoshitaka Oka

[Press Release (in Japanese)] 2018/02/05
Endocrinology. 2018 Feb 1.

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