Reproductive state-sensing neurons in the brain

Yoshitaka Oka (Professor of our department)
Masaharu Hasebe (Doctoral Student of our department)
Shinji Kanda(Assistant Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/12/01 <in Japanese>

CRISPRdirect: web-based tool for designing guide RNA with reduced off-target sites for CRISPR genome editing system.

Yuki NAITO (Project Research Associate at DBCLS, Former Assistant Professor of our department)
Kimihiro HINO (Assistant Professor of our department)
BONO Hidemasa(Project Associate Professor at DBCLS)
Kumiko UI-TEI (Associate Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/11/21 <in Japanese>
Bioinformatics November 20, 2014

Virtual reality of a worm.

Yohsuke Satoh (Doctoral Student of our department)
Hirofumi Sato (Doctoral Student of our department)
Hirofumi Kunitomo (Assistant Professor of our department)
Fei Xianfeng(Associated Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University.)
Koichi HASHIMOTO(Professor of Graduate School of Information Sciences, TOHOKU University)
Yuichi Iino (Professor of our department)

[For Press Release] <in Japanese>
Journal of Neuroscience 19 November 2014, 34(47): 15631-15637

Reconstructing global network of metabolic regulation by insulin from multiple ‘omic’ data

Katsuyuki Yugi (Assistant Professor of our department)
Hiroyuki Kubota(Professor, Division of Integrated OMICS, Research Center for Transomics Medicine, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University)
Shinya Kuroda(Professor of our department)

[UTokyo Research]
[Press Release] 2014/8/13 <in Japanese>
Cell Reports 2014 August 14

Regulation of vascular cell division in root apical meristem

Kyoko Ohashi-Ito (Associate Professor of our department)
Maria Saegusa(Master's Student of our department [photo])
Hiroo Fukuda(Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/8/8 <in Japanese>
Current Biology2014 August 14

Clarifying roles of a gene involved in dementing process
- Establishing memory learning by transporting insulin receptors to synapses-

Hayao Ohno (Project Researcher of our department [photo])
Masahiro Tomioka (Assistant Professor, Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory)
Yuichi Iino (Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/7/18 <in Japanese>
Science 2014 July 18;345(6194):313-317

Elucidation of shared molecular mechanism in head formation from fly to human
-Insights from the frog embryonic organizer-

Masanori Taira (Associate Professor of our department)
Yuuri Yasuoka (Completed This Faculty [photo])

[UTokyo Research]
[Press Release] 2014/7/9 <in Japanese>
Nature Communications 2014 July 9;5:4322.

How flageller motor is arranged with regularity?
-Discovery of the mechanism that aligns the engines of flagella-

Mikito Owa (Doctoral Student of our department [photo])
Ritsu Kamiya(Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo・Visiting Professor, Gakushuin University)
Ken-ichi Wakabayashi(Associate Professor, Chemical Resorces Laboratory, Tokyo Institue of Technology)

[Press Release] 2014/7/7 <in Japanese>
PNAS 2014 111: 9461-9466.

All roads lead to the vacuole
-Three vacuolar trafficking pathways in plants-

Kazuo Ebine (Project Researcher of our department[photo])
Takeshi Inoue(Doctoral Student of our department)
Takashi Ueda(Associate Professor of our department)

[UTokyo Research]
[Press Release] 2014/5/30 <in Japanese>
Current Biology

Clarification of calcium-regulated biological clock

Naohiro Kon (Completed This Faculty [photo])
Yoshitaka Fukuda(Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/5/15 <in Japanese>
Genes & Dev. 2014. 28: 1101-1110

Elucidation of the how proteins are inserted into membranes

Kaoru Kumazaki(Doctoral Student of our department)
Shinobu Chiba(Associate Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kyoto Sangyo University)
Ryuichiro Ishitani(Associate Professorof our department)
Tomoya Tsukazaki(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Biological Science, NAIST・ JST Sakigake Researcher)
Osamu Nureki(Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/4/17 <in Japanese>
Nature 2014 May 22; 509:516-520

Elucidation of the the production mechanism of xylem cells in plants


Hiroo Fukuda(Professor of our department)
Yuki Kondo(Project Researcher of our department)


[Press Release] 2014/3/24 <in Japanese>
Nature Communications 2014 Mar 24;5:3504

The shape of "genomic scissors"
-Structure elucidation of protein Cas9-

Hiroshi Nishimasu(Assistant Professor of our department)
Ryuichiro Ishitani(Associate Professor of our department)
Feng Zhang(Assistant professor, MIT/Core Member, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
Osamu Nureki(Professor of our department)

[Press Release] 2014/2/14 <in Japanese>
Cell 2014 Feb 27;156(5):935-49

Medaka falls in love with the closest medaka
-The discovery of fall-in-love switch-

Hideaki Takeuchi(Assistant Professor of our department)
Teruhiro Okuyama(JSPS SPD, MIT)   
Saori Yokoi(Doctoral Student of our department)
Yasuko Isoe(Doctoral Student of our department)

 [Press Release] 2014/1/3 <in Japanese>
Science 2014 Jan 3;343(6166):91-4.

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