CLE peptides involved in the regulation of vascular development

CLE peptides, which are 12 or 13 amino acids peptide hormones, play crucial roles for the regulation of plant morphogenesis. Our group has reported that TDIF, one of CLE peptides, is essential for the maintenance of vascular stem cells as a ligand for cell-cell communication. In addition, we found out that several CLE peptides including CLE9/10 have activity to inhibit protoxylem vessel formation in the root vascular system. Here we show the phenotype of clv2 mutants, which have a T-DNA insertion in the CLE receptor gene. clv2 mutant exhibits the excess protoxylem vessels phenotype, oppositely to CLE peptides application. These findings suggest the possibility that cell-cell communications mediated by other peptides and receptors regulate different stages of vascular development. Then to clarify the mechanism controlling vascular development, we focus on ligands and receptors expressed specifically during vascular development.
Photo: Yuki KONDO