A novel pistil–pollen interaction via CLE peptide signaling

The reproductive stage is particularly vulnerable to ambient temperature fluctuations in flowering plants. Nevertheless, they maintain seed production under certain levels of exposure to temperature change. Mechanisms underlying this temperature tolerance are largely unknown.
 Using an in vitro Arabidopsis pollen tube culture, we found that some pollen receptor-like genes were responsible for receiving certain CLV3/ESR-related (CLE) peptides. Of these, we have revealed that a novel pistil–pollen interaction via a CLE peptide signaling will contribute to maintain seed production under a short-term exposure to high temperature.


Endo, S., Shinohara, H., Matsubayashi, Y. and Fukuda, H.(2013)
A novel pollen-pistil interaction conferring high-temperature tolerance during reproduction via CLE45 signaling.
Current Biology 23, 1-7.