Research Field
Plant Physiology, Plant Developmental Biology

Research Subject
Molecular mechanism of cell differentiation, Cell-cell communication involved in tissue development, Programmed cell death, Vascular pattern formation, Dynamism of the cytoskelton and cell wall formation

Current Research
Plants have evolved unique systems for plant body formation such as totipotency through continuous correspondence with their environment. Our laboratory aims to elucidate the mechanisms of plant body plan, with a special focus on vascular development, in view of cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics and plant physiology using various model plant systems including Zinnia xylogenic cell culture, Arabidopsis mutants, Arabidopsis xylem cell-induced culture, and tobacco cell culture.

Arabidopsis thaliana, Cell-cell communication, Cell differentiation, Cell polarity, Plant body plan, Programmed cell death, Totipotency, Vascular development, Xylem, Zinnia elegans


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