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News & Topics

  • Dr. Soichi Inagaki joined the Laboratory of Genetics as an Associate Professor (2019. 9. 1)
  • A review about TE and evolution is published in Curr Opin Genet Dev. Pubmed(2018.3.8) 
  • A paper by Aoi Hosaka, Raku Saito and others is published in Nat Commun. That is about transposon-encoded protenis with sequence-specific anti-silencing activities and evolution of those proteins and targets. Pubmed(2017.12.18) 
  • "Research" updated (2017. 6. 1)
  • A photo of a double mutant plant for H3K9 demethylase and H3K4 demethylase genes is on cover of EMBO J. (2017.4.13)
  • A paper by Soichi Inagaki and others are published in EMBO J. That is about role and control of H3K4me1 in gene body. Pubmed(2017.1.18)
  • Kenji Nagata was awarded the Best Poster Prize in the 29th Symposium on Plant Lipids. (2016. 11. 26)
  • Presentation in the CSH meeting -Transposable Elements-. Impressed by seeing variegated corn by McClintock. (2016. 11. 4)
  • Dr. Taku Sasaki joined the Laboratory of Genetics as an Assistant Professor (2016. 10. 1)
  • Dr. Taiko To joined the Laboratory of Genetics as an Assistant Professor (2015. 10. 1)
  • Started to run the Laboratory of Genetics, Department of Biological Sciences (2015. 10. 1)
About us

“Epigenetic” inheritance is important for diverse biological phenomena, such as development, environmental response, chromosome behavior, and genome evolution. We are pursuing the mechanisms of this enigmatic gene control systems using genetics and genomics of Arabidopsis. Two labs, one in Hongo campus Science bld. #2, and the other in National Institute of Genetics, are collaborating for the research.