Laboratory of Eco-Devo Plant Biology, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo

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Dr. Yin's lecture in Hiroshima Univ.

 Dr. Yin of our lab., had a seminar in Hiroshima University in September(Reprot on the lecture)。
 This is by kind ivitation from Dr. Lawrence M. Liao. Mechanisms of unifacial leaf development have been a big topic in plant morphology for many years. His findings on it will contribute to make a breakthrough of its long histry.

Prof. Gyung-Tae Kim visits us

Prof. Gyung-Tae Kim of Dong-A University, Korea is visiting us.
He will stay in our lab. for about three weeks, doing some experiments and analyses by himself.
In 18th July, he kindly gave us a seminer presentation on his latest work on the relathinship between cell proliferation and senecence in Arabidopsis leaves.

Prof. Kong visited us

 Prof. Hongzhi Kong of Chinese Academiy of Science, the authority of Evo/Devo in floral organs, visited us in 11th July.
 He kindly gave us an exciting seminar on his latest studies on mechanisms of diversification in floral organs of genus Nigella.
 It inclyded RNAseq data, comparative morphology, and VIGS-based functional analyses. His strong story in the presentation stimulated young audiences so much.

Prof. Naomi Ori visited us

 The authority of mechanisms on tomato leaf morphogenesis, Prof. Naomi Ori of Hebrew University of Jerusalem visited us in this May, 2018.

 She kindly gave us a smeinar, on her latest findings on tomato leaf morphogenesis, which fascinated all audiences who attended the seminar. What a elegant system!
 After the seminar she said that the discussion with young students of Univ. Tokyo was stimulative. Thank you for your positive evaluation, Prof. Ori!

AMGEN program

In this summer season, we welcomed another summer program student, Ms. Corinna, from The University of Edinburgh, as the AMGEN program student.
 She stayed in our lab. from 13th June to 10th August, studying a classical mutant of Camellia japonica. She surprised us by her great skills, in particular of presentation on her research.
Left panel shows that she is trying to cook 'Tako-yaki' in her welcome party; right panel shows her holding her certificate of the AMGEN program completion.

UTRIP program

Also in this summer, a UTRIP student joined to our lab.
  The UTRIP student in this year was Ms. Beth, from University of Leicaster.
 She studied morphogenesis of Gingko leaves, from 9th June to 20th July. We believe that she enjoyed the stay in Tokyo in this very hot summer season.

Prof. Eshed visited us

Prof. Yuval Eshed of Weizmann Institute, Israel visited us in May 2017. He kindly discussed with laboratory members; had a seminar for undergrads and graduate students in our department. We enjoyed Japanese sake and fishes in the dinner after the semianr. He later gave a talk in a symposium in the annual meeting of Japanese Society of Developmental Biologist, which was organized by Drs. Irie and Tsukaya. His exciting presentation stimulated a lot of young researchers in Japan.

The UTRIP program was closed

 Finally Ms. Caroline did a good presentation on her work in Tokyo; she received many questions from the floor, indicating that her presentation was clear and interested audiences.
 She received a certificate of the UTRIP program from Prof. Aihara, the former dean of the Graduate School of Science. Conglaturations! and come back again to Tokyo soon!

UTRIP fairwell and Birthday party

 In the final week of the UTRIP program period, we had a fairwell party for Ms. Caroline.
 The party was, in fact, also for the birthday of Ms. Caroline. Because the birthday of Ms. Kinoshita, a Master-course student, was also near to the date, we cerebrated the "double birthday party".

Profs. Micol and Ponce visited us

 After the closure of ICAR2016, Profs. Jose Luis Micol and Maria Rosa Ponce (Universidad Miguel Hernández) kindly visited us to discuss with each member of our laboratory for two days.
  In addition to it, Prof. Micol gave us a talk on his latest studies on leaf morphogenesis to Grad. and Undergrad students of our course in July 6.  


By the UTRIP program, a summer school program of the Graduate School of Science, the Univ. Tokyo, Carolina, from University of Wisconsin-Madison, joined us as the fourth generation of UTRIP student in our lab.
 This photograph was taken in front of our building, showing that she started to observe her material, Camellia japonica. We hope that she will bring many fruits of culture, science and life in Japan back to US after this program.

A new staff

 In 16th April, 2016, Dr. Hiroyuki Koga became an assistant professor of our lab. He is the sixth assistant professor in our lab after the opening of Tsukaya lab. in 1999 in NIBB. He has his academic backbone in Evo-devo of animal body plan; moved to plant science field after getting the Ph.D. degree. He will, we expect, explore new research field in plant Evo-devo utilizing his unique background of science.

A seminar by Dr. Roeder

 In 20th December, 2015, Dr. Adrienne Roeder of Cornell University kindly visited us. As you know, Dr. Roeder is a pioneer of analyses on "Giant Cell" systems in Arabidopsis sepals and has revealed many key knowledges on the roles of endoreduplication and on organ size regulation. She kindly gave us a seminar in the afternoon, and audiences were excited to have many questions. She also share time with members of our lab., kindly gave comments and advices to them. This photo was taken in Shozan Tei restaurant, at lunch.

Efty-san faiwell party

 Dr. Frangedakis (Efty-san) finally made a departure from Japan, after the term in Japan. He has struggled to establish Hornworts as a next model system; has contributed to internationalize our lab.; and has given strong impression to undergradute students during the training course here. To thank him, we had a fairwell party in November 2015. We believe that he has already fascinated many people at his new position. Thank you Efty-san for having been here!

Joint seminar

 A joint seminar of four laboratories, Tsukaya lab., Horiguchi lab., Ferjani lab., and Kawade lab., was held in Rikkyo University from 17-18 September, organized by members of Horiguchi lab. There were 29 oral presentations that covered wide range of research topics on cacti, amphibious plants, bornean plants, marchantia, and of course arabidopsis. We believe that this gave all of us good stimulation for the next steps of studies.

Ellen-san finished the UTRIP program

 Ms.Ellen finished her UTRIP program. She has studied development of leaf primordia of Gingko biloga, by using from anatomy to gene cloning. She got many questions after her presentaion from her classmates.  Based on her achievements, she got a certificate from Prof. Fukuda, Dean of our Faculty. She seems to enjoy the life in Tokyo, too. I suppose that she will become to be very busy to talk about her experiences to her friends after coming back to US.

Dr. Guo

Ms. Guo, who had spent two-years studies in our laboratory, got Ph.D. degree in this 1st July, from Wuhan University, China! Congratulations!

This photograph was taken in front of the gate of the Wuhan University. Now she started her professional carrier there. We hope that her future will be fruitful, productive and exciting.

Ms. Guo's visit

 Ms. Guo revisited us, in an opportunity of her attendane to JSPP meeting in Tokyo.

Her Ph.D. defence will be carried out in this autunm. We hope that she will be a leading scientist in China, in a field of plant science, after getting the degree.

 A part of her studies on RTFL peptide family, that had been carried out here, was already published on Journal of Plant Research (Guo et al., in press).

Sarracenia paper

 A report on mechanisms of pitcher leaf formation in purple pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea, was published in nature communications. This is a collaboration with Hasebe laboratory in NIBB, Okazaki, Japan.

Dr. Kawade in Okazaki lab.

 From this March, 2015, Dr. Kensuke Kawade joined to Okazaki lab. as an Associate Professor. Okazaki lab. is still near to vacant, but now Dr. Kawade is filling the laboratory space with plants, reagents and machines. We will try to establish a new science, combining metabolomics and developmental genetics. Please expect it!

A new laboratory in Okazaki

 A new laboratory in Okazaki has opend! This is a five-year project under a support of "Bionext" by Okzaki Insitute for Integrative Bioscience.
The laboratory space is vacant now, but we will start the new project as soon as possible. We will try to establish a new style of developmental biology, by using metabolomics.

Party after the laboratory cleaning in the end of 2014

 In the end of the year 2014, we cleaned our laboratory. After it, we celebrated Yin-san, Koga-san, and Efty-san by cakes.
 We wish you a happy, productive and healthy new year!

Party after the training course

 A party was held after the closure of the training course. Every members brought many meals. In particular, Kohno-kun cooked his loved Opuntia shoot by himself! We enojoyed many drinks (including Wisky, Belgian Beers and so on), too.


Training course

 A 5-days training course for undergraduate students had been conducted by Dr. Sakakibara. Efty-san taught transformation of bryophytes and others in English; Furuya-san taught protein analysis by using Physcomitrella. Among experiments, a series of lectures on Cactus, Ferns, Saxifraga and so on by their experts in our laboratory were also carried out. Thank you!

A seminar by Dr. Lopez

 Dr. Enrique Lopez at Royal Holloway, University of London visited us and did his seminar in December 4.
 He not only talked about his latest studies but also kindly gave advices to members of our laboratory. Thank you so much, Lopez-san.

Dr. Efty joined to our laboratory

 From November 2014, a JSPS fellow, Dr. Eftychios Frangedakis joined to our laboratory, to collaborate with Dr. Sakakibara. He is a Greek and studies hornworts. More and more the biodiversity of research materials and of human beings are begoming richer in our laboratory.

A seminar by Dr. Okuyama

 We invited Dr. Okuyama of KAHAKU to have his seminar in October 1.
 He studies very minor plants, genus Mitella, which is known by only plant taxonomists and maniatic plant lovers. He used many techniques to study them, and got excellent findings. After the seminar, we thanked him for the nice talk, in having dinner at a Spain-styled bar with some members of our laboratory.


 New member, Ms. Emma from UK, joined us as a graduate student. She came here as a UTRIP student and now becomes to be a lab member.
 Since X October is the birthday of Ms. Ando, we celebrated them in a Thai restaurant.
 They showed us a dish of frog.
 Unexectedly our lab. becomes more and more international. Biodiversity in our lab. will, we hope, accelerate good science here.

Double awards

Our OB, Dr. Ichihashi (now in RIKEN) got two awards from Japanese Society of Plant Morphologists.

 This is the first case of double award in the Society.


By the UTRIP program, a summer school program of the Graduate School of Science, the Univ. Tokyo, Ms. Hanxing Gao joined us from today.
 We have only a few weeks, but I hope she will enjoy all the life and research in Tokyo. This photograph shows Ms. Gao with her supporter, Ms. Ezaki, with Mr. Yin who supports Ms. Ezaki.

New members

New members joined! 2 master course students, 1 doctoral course student, and 2 post-docs. After the first joint lab seminar with the Prof. Komeda's lab. who got a new master course student in this fiscal year, we had a welcome party.
Here is a photograph of the new members.
 We hope that they will grow to be tough as much as the skin of the durian fruit; and be prominent as much as the odor of the durian....