The new Department of Biological Sciences has been formed this year, by the integration of two former departments, the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry and the Department of Biological Sciences. The new Department of Biological Sciences carries on the traditions of both former departments and covers a broad range of fields in biology at the microscopic molecular level common to both former departments to macroscopic biological science focusing on biodiversity. Upon integration, the Division of Advanced Photon Life Sciences was newly established, aiming at creating interdisciplinary research in collaboration with physics, chemistry and other relevant areas. As shown below, the Division of Basic Biosciences (collaborative division) includes the Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory, the Misaki Marine Biological Station, and the Koishikawa and Nikko Botanical Gardens. We actively promote unique and original researches and undergraduate / graduate educational programs, in coordinated collaboration with attached institutes, other graduate schools and the National Museum of Nature and Science.


Department of
Biological Sciences
Core Division Biophysics and Biochemistry
Advanced Photon Life Sciences
Affiliated Division    Botanical Gardens (Basic Biosciences)
Misaki Marine Biological Station (Basic Biosciences)
Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory (Basic Biosciences)
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (Biological Diversity)
The University Museum (Biological Diversity)
Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (Advanced Biosciences)
Institute of Medical Science (Advanced Biosciences)
Research Center for Advanced Science and Technplogy (Advanced Biosciences)
Relevant Division National Museum of Nature and Science (Phylogenetic Systematics)
Interlocking faculties (Faculties in other universities, institutes)
Joint faculties (Faculties in other departments of University of Tokyo )